The Offensive ARM Exploitation Training class is a hands-on training class delivered online through recorded videos teaching you step-by-step about getting started in the world of ARM Binary analysis and Exploitaton.  

If you're a penetration tester (especially working with IoT devices), one of the most important skillsets that you need to possess is to be able to identify vulnerabilities in ARM binaries and perform exploitation.  

The Offensive ARM Exploitation Training is exclusively designed to walk you through a step-by-step process of learning ARM assembly and using that knowledge to perform exploitation techniques.

ARM Exploitation Course


+You would not require to purchase any additional hardware equipment to take this training course. 

+This course doesn not require any prior knowledge of ARM to start with.

Why ARM Exploitation? Watch this...

This course is perfect for you..

  • Whether you're just getting started or are an advanced penetration tester. 
  • You will be taken through the entire process of setting up the right environment for ARM exploitation 
  • And, will also be covering the more advanced techniques such as Heap Exploitation and Return Oriented Programming (ROP).

Attify ARM Exploitation Mod3B
ARM Exploitation Attify Mod1
ARM Exploitation Photos - Attify
Attify ARM Exploitation Mod2B

Here's how this class will help

Module I

  • Setting Up an Environment - An introductory video where we set up a proper environment to practice ARM exploitation, which will be used throughout the course.
  • ARM Instruction Sets and Operational Modes
  • Compiling and Running ARM applications - A video explaining how to compile and run simple C programs for ARM.
  • Debugging ARM binaries - Introduces the GNU debugger gdb and two of its plugins - gef and pwngdb

ARM Exploitation Attify Mod1
ARM Exploitation Attify Mod1
Attify ARM Exploitation Mod2A
Attify ARM Exploitation Mod2B

Module II

  • Writing ARM Assembly programs
  • Reversing an ARM crypto binary 
  • Reversing an ARM ransomware binary
  • Writing shellcodes for ARM architecture 
  • Analyzing Memory layout of a running program 
  • Stack based buffer overflow to subvert the authentication process

Module III

  • Advanced stack based buffer overflow 
  • Performing Heap Exploitation and overwriting function pointers
  • Exploiting a heap based linked list to perform a GOT overwrite
  • Bypassing NX mitigation using Ret2ZP
  • Bypassing NX mitigation using ROP
  • Bypassing stack smashing protection using an information leak
  • Bruteforcing stack canary in a forking server
  • Bypassing ASLR using an information leak

Attify ARM Exploitation Mod3B
Attify ARM Exploitation Mod3A
Attify ARM Exploitation Mod3C

What Will You Receive?

Slack Support

Access to the Slack Channel group where you can ask the questions with the community and get your queries answered by the trainer.

Hands-on Labs

All the exercises are thoroughly hands-on and will give you real life pentsting experience

HD Videos

You will receive access to the video in the training portal. All the videos are of HD Quality.


After completion of the course, you will receive a course completion certificate.

About the Author 

This course is created by Barun Kumar Basak of Attify. 

Barun is an ARM Reverse Engineer and Lead Security Researcher at Attify, Inc. In his current role, he focuses on binary exploitation for IoT Devices, vulnerability discovery and crafting reliable exploits, including bypassing complex security protections.  

He is also the author of a number of open-source projects including RopGen, bnpy - an architecture plugin for Binary Ninja and more. He has also previously identified vulnerabilities in products such as Avira, Avast and Axis. 

Note: The video training class has been prepared by Aditya Gupta, lead trainer of Attify. 

So... are you in?